Hampden Zimmerman

Hampden Zimmerman

Project Description Highlights Springfield, MA 36,000 square foot facility Details Hampden Zimmerman is a retail 36,000 square foot multi-purpose facility. The location has a warehouse as well as distribution and retail centers. The facility consists of a pre-engineer metal main frame. Randall’s Farm Store April 2, 2019 Project Description Highlights   Ludlow, MA   24,000…

Randall's Farm

Randall’s Farm Store

Project Description Highlights   Ludlow, MA   24,000 square foot facility Details Located in Ludlow, MA, this 24,000 square foot facility consists of a pre-engineer metal main frame. The front canopy combines a combination of roughly sawn post and beam hemlock limbers, combined with stampcrete colored concrete walks that give a farmhouse feel upon entry.…


RK Miles

Project Description Highlights Hatfield, MA 58,400 square foot facility Details Located in Hatfield, MA, RK Miles is located in a 58,400 square foot pre-engineered metal building. The structure is designed with high bays for mutable level racking and storage. This facility also boasts a large retail floor area. RK Miles is a retail lumber and…


Gary Rome Hyundai.

Gary Rome Hyundai

Project Description Highlights Holyoke, MA 34,385 square foot facility Details Located on an expansive piece of property near the Ingleside mall in Holyoke, MA, this 34,385 square foot facility reflects the latest tier in Hyundai exterior design. The massive parking areas cover three separate levels of the property and enable the Rome family to have…

Northampton VW - Exteriors 1.

TommyCar Group: Country Hyundai & Northampton Volkswagen

Project Description Highlights Northampton, MA Country Hyundai: 17,800 square foot facility Northampton Volkswagen: 18,420 square foot facility Details Carla and Tommy Cozensi couldn’t have picked a better location for their exciting new Hyundai Dealership than King Street in Northampton. The 17,800 square foot facility is designed with colorful architectural metal exterior panels, all complimented with…

Balise Car Wash.

Balise Riverdale Car Wash

Project Description Highlights West Springfield, MA 7400 square foot facility Details Located on Riverdale Road in West Springfield, MA, this 7400 square foot public car wash is a tastefully designed stick-frame facility with a hardy-board, and masonry exterior. Boasting “state of the art” Car Care washing equipment and plenty of exterior vacuum bays, this challenging…

Professional Offices

Pioneer Spine and Sport

Pioneer Spine and Sport

Project Description Highlights   West Springfield, MA   15,750 square foot facility Details This 15,750 square foot professional building is a two-story medical office. A high-efficiency conventional steel structure with a textured Effis exterior. The doctors of Pioneer Spine and Sport specialize in spinal and sport injuries, recovery, and prevention, and have multiple locations. Pediatrics…

Pediatric Services of Springfield - 16

Pediatrics Services of Springfield

Project Description Highlights East Longmeadow, MA 5,300 square foot facility Details Located at the lower level of the East Longmeadow Wellness Center, Pediatrics Services of Springfield enjoys an exciting new 5,300 square foot floor plan. Form and function were the key concerns within this new layout, and the welcoming bright interior design is sure to…

Agawam Crossing (7)

Agawam Crossing

Project Description Highlights Agawam, MA 32,260 square foot multi-tenant facility Details This 32,260 square foot multi-tenant “Professional Office” facility is located on Silver Street in Agawam, MA. Constructed by Associated Builders Inc. for a local developer, Benton Professional Partners in East Longmeadow, MA, this facility is supported by a conventional steel frame and enjoys a…



Dipwell / Hygeniks

Project Description Highlights Northampton, MA 7,000 square foot building Details Located in Northampton, MA, this 7,000 square foot building built in 1998 combines a 2,500 square foot office with 4,500 square feet of light manufacturing space. The core structure employed is a pre-engineered metal frame, highlighted with a standing seam architectural metal roof over the…