Our Process

Associated Builders utilizes the design-build method of construction, a single-source project delivery method that streamlines a project's management and optimizes project control.  We partner with many of the area’s top engineers and architects to deliver this method of design services and project management to each client.  Our staff brings decades of design-build experience to each project providing a major advantage in helping our clients successfully complete their projects.

Associated Builders' design-build process is based upon a strong team approach that is used to meet the business needs of the client. The work begins with a series of meetings to determine the general concept and feasibility of a project. Designs are refined, and then plans are engineered, drawn, and approved. The building construction phase begins after all necessary permits are obtained.


The construction process begins with project planning. This typically includes site plans with full color renderings; code reviews; local, state, or federal permitting, including conservation, planning board, building permits and approvals.

Our team of engineers, estimators and project managers use value engineering to refine both costs and details during the design phase of a project. The design team, project managers, and the client work together to achieve a common goal, which is a facility that meets the client's needs for today and tomorrow.


Associated Builders' ability to control costs is attributed to the expertise that exists within the firm and the strong relationships we have built with our engineer and architect partners. Each project is supervised by the Project Management team from beginning to end, which includes design feasibility, collaboration with engineers and architects on completion of final plans, and construction supervision.

State-of-the-art technology keeps us connected to clients, manufacturers, and suppliers, allowing swift and thorough integration of all building components. Project feasibility is verified, and the needs of the client are addressed. Designing a cost-effective, long lasting, and energy-efficient building that provides years of value for our clients is a top priority for us.


Our construction philosophy is to go beyond "on time and on budget."  We recognize the relationship between quality construction and quality craftsmanship. All field employees are trained in the latest construction technology. Scheduling software, updated by trained Licensed Construction Supervisors, not only helps keep the project on time but also provides the client with a smooth operational start-up. A staff safety officer works with local safety councils and ensures that OSHA safety standards are not only maintained but continually improved. As a result, our work exemplifies a quality and regard for the client's needs that makes it of lasting value.