4 Industrial Drive, South Hadley, MA 01075    413-536-0021

Gary Rome Hyundai

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Project Description


  • Holyoke, MA

  • 34,385 square foot facility


Located on an expansive piece of property near the Ingleside mall in Holyoke, MA, this 34,385 square foot facility reflects the latest tier in Hyundai exterior design. The massive parking areas cover three separate levels of the property and enable the Rome family to have plenty of inventory on hand.

Gary will tell you this is "The House That Jack Built." Jack is his canine friend - Jack had a little help from the crew at Associated Builders.

Northampton VW - Exteriors 1.

TommyCar Group: Country Hyundai & Northampton Volkswagen

[masterslider alias=”ms-102″] Project Description Highlights Northampton, MA Country Hyundai: 17,800 square foot facility Northampton Volkswagen: 18,420 square foot facility Details Carla and Tommy Cozensi couldn’t have picked a better location for their exciting new Hyundai Dealership than King Street in Northampton. The 17,800 square foot facility is designed with colorful architectural metal exterior panels, all…

Balise Car Wash.

Balise Riverdale Car Wash

[masterslider alias=”ms-101″] Project Description Highlights West Springfield, MA 7400 square foot facility Details Located on Riverdale Road in West Springfield, MA, this 7400 square foot public car wash is a tastefully designed stick-frame facility with a hardy-board, and masonry exterior. Boasting “state of the art” Car Care washing equipment and plenty of exterior vacuum bays,…